cover Seraphim Falls

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Land:   Studio: Destination Films

Laufzeit: 1Std 55Min

Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller, Krieg, Western

Video-Codec: Unknown   Seitenformat: 2.35:1



Handlung: In the 1860s, five men have been tracking a sixth across Nevada for more than two weeks. They shoot and wound him, but he gets away. They pursue, led by the dour Carver, who will pay them each $1 a day once he's captured. The hunted is Gideon, resourceful, skilled with a knife. Gideon's flight and Carver's hunt require horses, water, and bullets. The course takes them past lone settlers, a wagon train, a rail crew, settlements, and an Indian philosopher. What is the reason for the hunt; what connects Gideon and Carver? What happened at Seraphim Falls?

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